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Watch the CNN video featuring DON EVELIO Tarrazu coffee farm in San Marcos Costa Rica
Watch this CNN video featuring our Don Evelio farm. Filmed in Mid Sept. 2006. For faster viewing, click here

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Why Choose Don Evelio Costa Rica Tarrazu Specialty Coffees.

Why ? Why not? Don Evelio Estate farms provide you with guarantees that no other Costa Rican coffee company makes. First, our customer service staff is highly trained. Unlike other companies, we not only have to just know how to roast coffee beans! We are required to know about coffee farming, mill process, green coffee storage and more. Also, we will respond to your coffee inquiries within hours, not days. Most so called gourmet coffee companies will reply to your e-mails more than a week later!

Second, our sun-dried coffees are of the highest quality, and prestige, found in the market. We take great care to provide as many quality safeguards as necessary to harvest and roast the top of the Tarrazu highland coffee. Our packaging provides as many safeguards as necessary to protect freshness and prevent quality loss. Our coffee roasting machine is not overused either! We put into each batch less coffee than what the machine can actually handle to guarantee quality. Yes, we are small-batch artisan coffee roasters!

Fincas Tarrazu Cafe S.A. is a coffee farming and coffee roasting company truly dedicated to customers. That has been our goal since we started planting coffee trees in the late 1890´s, and we'll continue that way for as long as demand for Tarrazu coffee exists. More important, all our exports originates in the valley where our farms are located. Origin and truth in labelling is our major asset.

And of course, if you don't like our coffee, no problem! At our companies, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You are protected by our money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our Tarrazu Coffee, return the unused portion to us and we will send you a new package or return your money, whatever option you prefer.
Are there any other reasons why you should choose Don Evelio coffee from us? Many more! Read below for a listing of features that puts us above the rest:

Low prices, high quality coffee
Fincas Tarrazu Cafe S.A. offers low cost gourmet coffee without sacrificing quality. Our coffee packages begin at less than $5 per pound. Shipping and handling from our factory in San Marcos de Tarrazu, Costa Rica to any place in the U.S.A. and Canada is included. You can even get our new T-shirt with our logo for only 20 dollars!
Don Evelio coffee has the right balance between pricing and quality. Beware of "have it all for a low price" coffees! Some coffee roasters give way too much for too little, which doesn't leave them enough profit to provide good customer service, fast delivery and high-quality coffee cast doubts about where their coffee originated. Remember the saying: you get what you pay for!

Powerful Roasting machine; never overloaded.
Most coffee roasters use low power, low cost roasting machines to maximize profits. We don't. We roast all our coffees on a powerful, propane powered Sasa Samiac machine.

Our roasting equipment can handle all our daily purchase orders with no problem at all.
Also, we are the only gourmet coffee provider in the valley to truly guarantee that batches will not be overloaded. Our priority is Quality.

High quality communications and delivery.
Our Town San Marcos is connected to the world through a network of roads via the inter American highway and high speed Internet communications. Our shipments are picked up by modern courier trucks once a day which ensures your shipments will be delivered on time and efficiently through the shortest route possible.

Shipment tracking to make your life easier
An export operation without a shipment control system is an inefficient operation. On all our deliveries, customer service support staff takes care of all shipment notices via e-mail. All of our shipments can be tracked easily via the courier’s tracking system panel which gives you the control and power others don't. If anything fails, there's always monitoring to solve the problem.

Storage Facilities
The most commonly overlooked and most delicate part of the business on any gourmet coffee operation is green coffee storage, and thus it is the part most likely to affect quality. Because of this, all our harvest are kept in a cool dry place with the right environment humidity. What does this mean? No quality loss due to environmental factors, one of the most common causes of quality failures in the mill and roasting process.

Web based order system. provides one of the most advanced web based order systems available in the Valley. With an easy format, you can send your purchase order requests and receive email confirmations from anywhere, safe and secure. Our customers are always kept informed also of scheduled server upgrades, changes to the ordering system, and the latest news. Also, a weblog page compile every important event related to our gourmet coffee industry; check it regularly.

Money back guarantee
If you decide our coffees are not what you expected, we'll refund you what you paid for immediately. Please check our policies for more information

Extensive online documentation
Why wait for someone to tell you about Costa Rica most famous gourmet coffee? visual descriptions on our coffees and even the most complex events affecting our trade. Browse around our Frequently Asked Question section at

We are Costa Rica Tarrazu gourmet coffee experts
It's amazing how often we find clueless gourmet coffee roasters full of ambiguous marketing flaws and knowledge holes which says a lot about the coffees they sell.
At Don Evelio 100% Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee operation, Origin and quality are always our major assets. We have real Tarrazu highland farms and expert agriculturists (each family with over a century of experience with gourmet coffee harvesting and processing, not just so called "Roastmasters" with a certificate at hand boasting they are "experts".) You can rest assured that our registered trading brands are secure and well managed.

New features every month
At Don Evelio 100% Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee farms, Our products don't stay the same forever. We are constantly researching and providing the latest in the gourmet coffee industry, creating new services, providing new features and more. Our service offerings are in constant improvement.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Don Evelio 100% Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee farms for your specialty coffee needs. Order or affiliate now with confidence. Remember that you will be protected by our guarantee only quality, fast delivery and truth in labelling. Greetings from the Tarrazu Valley, Costa Rica.

Order Inquiries? Please contact:

Jorge Luis Umana
Fincas Tarrazu Cafe S.A.
Don Evelio Tarrazu Coffee Farm
San Marcos de Tarrazu 8055
Costa Rica
Mobile: SKYPE: jluncr

Video Clip from CNBC about Don Evelio Coffee Farm Click here to see CNBC Coffee Story -by Karin Isdahl - about DON EVELIO COFFEE FARM, filmed in mid May 2006.

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Media Highlights

"Jorge Luis Umana, the owner of coffee grower Beneficio Don Evelio,...has set up a company site, So far he's the only grower to do so.." ADAM PIORE, LAUREN WOLLKOFF Newsweek Magazine Journalists, January 29, 2001 issue.

"Tarrazu coffee growers, who produce some of the world's finest, high-elevation promote their high-quality crop on the Internet at" CHRISTINE PRATT, The Tico Times,Aug 18th, 2000

Interview to one of our Costa Rica coffee farmers at Specialty Coffee Retailer Magazine

Coffee University: what you need to know about coffee - Wen Lee takes you to San Marcos de Tarrazu, Click here to see the videos:
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Harvest pics

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