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Watch the CNN video featuring DON EVELIO Tarrazu coffee farm in San Marcos Costa Rica
Watch this CNN video featuring our Don Evelio farm. Filmed in Mid Sept. 2006. For faster viewing, click here

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Gourmet Costa Rican coffee resellers

Here are a few words from our gourmet coffee customers.


"we received the coffee thank you so much---we will make sure that
our participants ( to the conference) know where the coffee is from. Many thanks. I look forward to doing future business with you we may
want to make this a quarterly order."- Karen N. Massachussets Institute of Technology, Boston, MA

" Hi, It's Mark. Thanks for taking the time to show me around your beautiful valley today. I had a great time. Will talk to you soon. pura vida !!!!!!!! "Mark H. Houston, TX.

" Thank you most kindly Sirs...We look forward to our continued mutual relationship.Regards," Walter J. Washington D.C.

"Thank you very much for the great coffee you sent us! Tom R. Seattle WA

" Thanks again for being our Industry Voice. I really appreciate it." Sue Gillerlain, Specialty Coffee Retailer Magazine Editor

" I am contacting you to find out how we can order more of your wonderful coffee!" Daniel R. Los Angeles, CA

"I just want to let you know that your coffee is excellent. I have already visited the Tarrazu Highlands when I was in Costa Rica" Robert S, Albany NY

“I have tasted coffee from many Costa Rica Farms ... Yours should not be called a Tarrazu but a Super Tarrazu” Heather B, New Orleans, LA

"Your coffee was well-packed and came very quickly as promised."
Matthew R, Denver CO

"I received a free decorated burlap bag which I appreciate! - Quality of Don Evelio brand is excellent and I intend to order again!
Sally W, Minneapolis MN

I fell in love with the Tarrazu mountains while in Costa Rica this past spring. The coffee I bought from you is delicious!"
Bill C, Ann Arbor MI

"Your coffee is great! It remind me the road to San Marcos from Quepos"
Kathleen W, Los Angeles CA

"The finest Tarrazu we have been honoured to offer in our 10 year history"
Walter M, New York, NY

"Thank you!... and it continues to be our pleasure to work with you!"
Alex P. Cambridge, MA

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Video Clip from CNBC about Don Evelio Coffee Farm Click here to see CNBC Coffee Story -by Karin Isdahl - about DON EVELIO COFFEE FARM, filmed in mid May 2006.

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Media Highlights

"Jorge Luis Umana, the owner of coffee grower Beneficio Don Evelio,...has set up a company site, So far he's the only grower to do so.." ADAM PIORE, LAUREN WOLLKOFF Newsweek Magazine Journalists, January 29, 2001 issue.

"Tarrazu coffee growers, who produce some of the world's finest, high-elevation promote their high-quality crop on the Internet at" CHRISTINE PRATT, The Tico Times,Aug 18th, 2000

Interview to one of our Costa Rica coffee farmers at Specialty Coffee Retailer Magazine

Coffee University: what you need to know about coffee - Wen Lee takes you to San Marcos de Tarrazu, Click here to see the videos:
don evelio

Harvest pics

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