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Watch the CNN video featuring DON EVELIO Tarrazu coffee farm in San Marcos Costa Rica
Watch this CNN video featuring our Don Evelio farm. Filmed in Mid Sept. 2006. For faster viewing, click here

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Social and environmental responsibility of our gourmet coffee farm. ( Don Evelio Coffee Farm ) is committed to actions consistent with an environmental conscience in all aspects of our business operations.

Our coffees are grown and harvested with proper care and respect for the land and the workers.

We evaluate all aspects of farm management and quality of the coffee. Our farms are covered with shade trees and we avoid the use of pesticides as much as possible to protect water and wildlife.

In 1991 we started purchasing rain forest in the Tarrazu County. By now, we control over 100 hectares of pristine forest located not far from the world famous Manuel Antonio National Park and Quepos.

We are also committed to support the LINCOS project located in El Rodeo de Tarrazu. ( Don Evelio Coffee Farm ) was borne of Lincos innovation.

We look forward to hearing from anyone interested in Environmental and Socially responsible initiatives, programs, or products.

We are constantly looking to foster new partnerships in our quest to further our vision of Environmental and Social responsibility.

You can contact us at Tel: SKYPE: jluncr or by sending e-mail to or if you are interested in finding out more about how to foster Environmental and Socially responsible growth in our county.

Video Clip from CNBC about Don Evelio Coffee Farm Click here to see CNBC Coffee Story -by Karin Isdahl - about DON EVELIO COFFEE FARM, filmed in mid May 2006.

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Media Highlights

"Jorge Luis Umana, the owner of coffee grower Beneficio Don Evelio,...has set up a company site, So far he's the only grower to do so.." ADAM PIORE, LAUREN WOLLKOFF Newsweek Magazine Journalists, January 29, 2001 issue.

"Tarrazu coffee growers, who produce some of the world's finest, high-elevation promote their high-quality crop on the Internet at" CHRISTINE PRATT, The Tico Times,Aug 18th, 2000

Interview to one of our Costa Rica coffee farmers at Specialty Coffee Retailer Magazine

Coffee University: what you need to know about coffee - Wen Lee takes you to San Marcos de Tarrazu, Click here to see the videos:
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Harvest pics

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