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Watch the CNN video featuring DON EVELIO Tarrazu coffee farm in San Marcos Costa Rica
Watch this CNN video featuring our Don Evelio farm. Filmed in Mid Sept. 2006. For faster viewing, click here

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Icafe downgrades growth projection for 2014-2015 harvest
BY EFE - Updated August 21, 2014 Estimate by the entity calculates growth at 4.5%


San Jose
The Costa Rican Coffee Institute (iCafe) reported Thursday that the grain harvest from 2014 to 2015 will grow by 4.5% compared with the previous period, representing a reduction in the projections given by the company in June, when projected an increase of 7.25%.

"It is estimated that the harvest begins to collect could reach 2,034,516 bushels (bags of 46 kilos), which implies an increase of 4.5%, corresponding to 87 247 bushels more, compared to the previous period (2013- 2014), "the Institute said in a statement.

A coffee production is attributed to 25% of carbon emissions, responsible for triggering climate change. 
The Los Santos (Dota, Tarrazu and León Cortés) will again be the most productive in the country. expand
According to Icafé last June it was estimated harvest increased at 7.25%, but in August was adjusted to 4.5% due to a decrease in rainfall in the north and in the Valley Central country.

"This damaged the productive fabric before and after flowering, causing burning flower bud and fruit loss," said the Institute.

Coffee is the third agricultural export product Costa Rica, behind pineapple and bananas.

In 2012 exports of Costa Rica coffee reached $ 412.2 million, while for 2013 totaled $ 301.9 million, representing a decrease of 26.7%.

This decrease was mainly attributed to the effects of rust fungus, which caused the loss of about 15% of the crop 2013-2014 as well as other climatic factors.

Video Clip from CNBC about Don Evelio Coffee Farm Click here to see CNBC Coffee Story -by Karin Isdahl - about DON EVELIO COFFEE FARM, filmed in mid May 2006.

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Media Highlights

"Jorge Luis Umana, the owner of coffee grower Beneficio Don Evelio,...has set up a company site, So far he's the only grower to do so.." ADAM PIORE, LAUREN WOLLKOFF Newsweek Magazine Journalists, January 29, 2001 issue.

"Tarrazu coffee growers, who produce some of the world's finest, high-elevation promote their high-quality crop on the Internet at" CHRISTINE PRATT, The Tico Times,Aug 18th, 2000

Interview to one of our Costa Rica coffee farmers at Specialty Coffee Retailer Magazine

Coffee University: what you need to know about coffee - Wen Lee takes you to San Marcos de Tarrazu, Click here to see the videos:
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